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When you are lost in the sea of ADHD information -- you may want to consider what your definition of expert is. Many ADHD coaches have little or no clinical training. Many experts have financial ties to industry. I spent 6 years getting a Ph.D., 2 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California San Francisco and 4 years as tenure-track assistant professor. I specialize in ADHD.

Most psychologists don't specialize in any disorder. They often use one treatment approach to treat many disorders. Just as medical doctors specialize, I have chosen to specialize in ADHD and Depression. I also use tools from many treatment approaches to solve these specific problems in contrast to therapists who use one theory and limited set of tools to treat all or most disorders. Many therapists define themselves by their treatment approach rather than the disorder they specialize in. For example, you may find a psychodynamic therapist, or a cognitive-behavioral therapist who treats most disorders with their treatment approach.


If your child has ADHD, I work with the whole family. My treatment package includes 12 sessions for the entire family. I meet with the whole family at the beginning and end of each session for parent coaching and family therapy. I meet with the child for 40 minutes between the family meetings for traditional play therapy and "work" therapy which includes one-on-one coaching, building emotional intelligence, stress management and finding and focusing on a child's gifts.

I work with students to challenge self-defeating beliefs (for example, “I can’t study very long”) and to build confidence through defining oneself by strengths. I call this pushing back against your “can’ts”. I educate families and students about neuroplasticity and the idea that the harder you work the more you can change your brain. I help increase motivation to do well through focusing on the students own goals and building their confidence to achieve those goals.

I help develop specific strategies to increase chances of success such as 15 minutes a day of planning, teaching students to call distractions out for what they are --- self-defeating i.e. “when I play video games before I finish my homework I am shooting myself in the foot”.

I work with the family to reduce expression of criticism and to shift to more empathic responses. When parents reflect a child’s emotional experience rather than try to rescue them, they help the child build emotional intelligence. I help families get accommodations and to find systems that can support the child and family. I help build motivation for academic success by emphasizing student’s personal goals and increasing their confidence they can meet those goals by strength based work I do, which involves reviewing past successes and enduring personal qualities that led to those successes.

Benefits include:

- Improved motivation, drive and persistence
- Improved family communication and harmony
- Higher level of attention, focus and problem solving
- Increased resourcefulness for child and family
- Increased focus on what's working rather than what's not working
- Building necessary educational and interpersonal skills


Dr. Lara Honos-Webb offers Coaching for Adult ADD.
Below is a list of treatment goals and interventions.

 Managing Attention Deficits
- Increase Attention by Decreasing Stress
- Increase Attention by Increasing Interest in a Task
- Increase Attention by Prioritizing
- Increase Attention by Saying No to Unreasonable Demands
- Increase Focus by Setting Goals
- Increase Focus by Creating a Mission Statement
- Increase Focus by Creating a Not-To-Do List
Managing Impulsivity and Hyperactivity
- Decrease Impulsivity by Pausing
- Decrease Impulsivity by Increasing Detachment
- Decrease Impulsiveness by Asking "What Did You Mean By That?"
- Decrease Impulsivity by Managing Anger
- Decrease Impulsivity by Listing Consequences
- Decrease Impulsivity by Translating Complaints into Requests
- Decrease Impulsivity by Practicing Communication Skills
- Decrease Impulsivity by Increasing Positive Self-talk
- Decrease Hyperactivity by Increasing Self-Care
- Decrease Hyperactivity by Increasing Exercise and Relaxation
- Increase Persistence by Managing Emotions
- Increase Persistence by Increasing Awareness of Benefits
- Increase Persistence by Decreasing Self-Criticism
- Increase Persistence by Increasing Rewards
- Increase Task Completion by Predicting Obstacles
- Increase Task Completion by Identifying Unmet Need
- Increase Task Completion by Asking for Support
Create Real World Success
- Increase Motivation by Decreasing Depletion
- Increase Motivation by Noticing Progress
- Increase Motivation by Focusing on Positive Feelings
- Increase Motivation by Asking "Why do I want to change?"
- Increase Confidence by Identifying Strengths
- Increase Confidence by Listing Past Successes
- Increase Organization by Reframing
- Increase Organization by Decreasing Emotional Upsets
- Increase Organization with Technology
- Increase Time Management by Taking 10 minutes Each Morning
- Increase Time Management by Building New Habits
- Increase Time Management by Using Prompts and Reminders

What is Coaching?

 Parent Coaching can take your family life into an entirely new direction. Small shifts in response to ADD behaviors can make huge differences in your results. Parents can channel high energy intensity by teaching kids to label, feel, and release emotions rather than acting them out. Kids can learn positive self talk and gain motivation and confidence.

 For Yourself, I "hold up the mirror" to the one-of-a-kind unique never-before-seen talents that you have to offer the world so you never again doubt your own precious gifts. Sometimes your gifts are so big, others are shy to tell you about them or just downright intimidated by you. Sometimes your gifts have gone decades without being noticed because they weren't the sort of talents that got you good grades. I've seen people with open hearts, wicked senses of humor, geniuses for intimacy, and arrestingly original problem solvers who just got in trouble at school for the very gifts that now unleashed can change and heal the world.


Dr. Lara Honos-Webb is a worldwide ADD expert and offers ADD coaching. To reach Dr. Lara call 925-639-7376 or email

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb is a clinical psychologist and author of The Gift of ADHD, The Gift of ADHD Activity Book, The Gift of Adult ADD, The ADHD Workbook for Teens and Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life.

Her work has been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Prevention Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and Publisher's Weekly as well as newspapers across the country and local and national radio and television. Dr. Honos-Webb completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco, and has been an assistant professor teaching graduate students. She has published more than 25 scholarly articles.

Endorsement for The Gift of Adult ADD:

This book by Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, helped me, as much as the intuitiveness of the person who diagnosed me. It was one of the first things I read and it was by happenstance…or perhaps it was a “God” things as I am not one who really believes much in coincidences. It resonated in ways that made me feel smart and creative when I had recently…. and for the first time ….come out of a job situation where I was fired where I can now say, I was not to blame but set up for failure at every turn by another ego, arrogance, and cult like leadership style. I realized that my career, which defined me in every way, (more than it should have), was not what made me special or unique. The book unpacked for me various gaps I had in understanding my “sensitivity” and shed a new light on what benefits come from being extremely intuitive versus all the negatives you hear repeatedly throughout your life. ....
But this book was beyond beneficial and the best place I ever could have started to learn about how I am uniquely wired. And to view that uniqueness with not only its challenges, but with all the special privileges it provides as well. It is truly more of a blessing than a challenge and has been most of my life. ..... Thank you so much for providing a viewpoint that allowed me to not shut down, be hurt, feel “found out”, ....Read the book. And read it again. And then internalize it. And then Thank God. Then look at your life and DO something to get from point A to point B and for God sake, ask for help for once in your life. Because help exists.-- posted by LuvYourselfMore

"Just wanted to write you because it's been an enlightening weekend for me and it fits along with everything we talked about on Friday. I'm really excited about a really simplified  plan to make things easy. You were right about reaching out to this particular group... this is MY group of people.  Effortless to connect.  Kinda feel human again.  Good to have that human connection again.    First time in a long time I'm really excited about learning more.  

Moving energy.  Thanks for the help.  You da' best."
-Francis K.
 "I can't explain just how well targeted your instruction was for me.  
You helped me to forgive and understand myself.  
You gave me permission to be handicapped without compromising my potential.  
Seriously . . . I can't thank you enough for changing my perspective.
Just an update.  Working out again, think I have a job, have stopped caring what others think.  
It's ok to be me.  :-). "

Doug R.

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