ADD Is A Gift

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Rejection does not make you less likable, in fact your courage to face it makes you more likable. So focus instead on serving others more than on impressing them. Every time you are faced with a fear, realize that each time you act small because of fear your life gets smaller.


In this podcast I interview Paul Joannides about his book, The Guide to Getting It On! Paul is a research
psychoanalyst on the editorial board of The American Journal of Sex Education. He lives in the Northwest
with his wife, daughter, dogs, and livestock. His book The Guide to Getting It On! was featured in Oprah magazine and Rolling Stone called it "the only sex manual you will ever need".

If you have always wondered if it is true that men play at love to get sex and if women play at sex to get love or if that is just a bunch of BS -- hear what Paul has to say.....

2. Loving Someone With The Gift of ADD EBOOK
If you love someone with ADD you can learn how to
•    increase emotional intimacy and satisfaction in the relationship,
•    create positive habits to prevent blow outs,
•    recognize the power of the “ADD zone” to unleash cooperation.
•    Create a positive reframe of ADD symptoms,
•    Start activities that will create positive partnership habits
Can you relate to this?

“When I point out how some of the things he does is because of his ADD, like impulsivity, speaking his mind, and lack of attention to certain things or keeping a good attention span, he tells me he can understand that.  But understanding that does not fix it.”  

•    This E-book will present a revolutionary new approach to increasing relationship satisfaction – a focus on creating habits that will create happiness and intimacy, rather than a focus on solving problems.

•    This E-book will show readers how to create powerful partnerships rather than just managing relationship crises.

•    This E-book will validate your struggles of living with your ADD partner and give you skills for creating intimacy in light of specific challenges.

3. The Gift of Creativity

4. Powerpoint presentation: THE GIFT IN YOUR JOB SEARCH

Without glossing over the pain and fears of unemployment, Dr. Lara Honos-Webb will help you to find the opportunities during your time of looking for a job.

 Have you ever thought of your job search as a chance to become an Explorer, An Elite Competitor, an Investigator, and to Evolve 

  • Explore new roles, new jobs, new interests, new aspects of yourself
  • Take your game to a new level – you may have to upgrade to thrive
  • Investigate other workplaces and other job descriptions
  • Evolve into a more resilient, resourceful, stronger person

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" I can't explain just how well targeted your instruction was for me.  
You helped me to forgive and understand myself.  
You gave me permission to be handicapped without compromising my potential.  
Seriously . . . I can't thank you enough for changing my perspective.
Just an update.  Working out again, think I have a job, have stopped caring what others think.  
It's ok to be me.  :-). "

Doug R.



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