ADD Is A Gift


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  • This E-book will show readers how to create powerful partnerships rather than just managing relationship crises.
  • This E-book will validate your struggles of living with your ADD partner and give you skills for creating intimacy in light of specific challenges.

The Gifts Beyond Your Fears

What does your life look like beyond your fears?  Draw a circle that represents the life you live now. The line of the circle is the limits of your comfort zone. Outside of the circle draw or write what lies outside of your comfort zone. It might be asking for help, applying for a job, going skiing, telling someone you care about them, or as simple as speaking in public.

The podcast interview with Guy Finley in this issue is truly life changing. If you want to live in that life that is beyond your fears, listen to this podcast. You might even want to make a practice of listening to it. Most of us know we are limited by our fears. This interview will help you quite simply figure out how to stop your negative imagination from ruining your life.

Beyond Blame 

If you stopped blaming others for your problems or alternately stopped accepting responsibility for other people’s problems, what would your life look like? If your problems were not someone else’s fault – what would you do next? If you were not responsible for your friends and families problems (this is a shout-out to codependent types) what would you free yourself up to do next?

Close Encounters of the Truthful Kind

Guy Finley calls crises “Close Encounters of the Truthful Kind.” He suggests that crises reveal ways in which you have lied to yourself and force you to transcend yourself by letting go of bad ideas.  These bad ideas might be along the lines of “I don’t have a problem with alcohol” or “I can’t live without this relationship” or “it’s my job to save people from themselves.”  Crises create change.

Listen to my interview with Guy Finley to learn what gift you might find in a crisis.

Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D.

Author of The Gift of Adult ADHD



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